Sedikit Sentilan dari Bule

Maret 18, 2007

Tadi siang dapat forward email dari Din2. Isinya tentang artikel di The Jakarta Post yang mengangkat opini seorang bule londo tentang attitude orang kita (baca : org indo). Berikut isi artikel tersebut : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Concerned only with money

Since 1991 I have visited many places in Indonesia , from Medan to Makassar.

As I learned Bahasa Indonesia I can easily mingle with ordinary Indonesians. My first opinion about Indonesia was very positive. Most people greeted me and invited me to their homes. In particular people in the countryside are very happy when a westerner visits their village.

After staying a long time in this country and having talked with many people at all social levels, from farmers to government officials, it seems that most have only one topic which keeps them entertained: money.

In my country, the Netherlands , people have many hobbies and ambitions. Dutch children as young as four years old want to become doctors, police officers, dentists, lawyers, musicians, dancers, etc. They are encouraged by their parents to swim, dance, sing, draw cartoons, love animals, respect nature and so on. Indonesian children simply hang around all day in the vicinity of their house without having anything to do.

They aren’t encouraged by their parents to do something useful as these parents only watch television,chat with neighbors or, even worse, sleep.

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